Greetings from your neighborhood full-time working mom, wife, taxi, maid, laundry service, you get the picture.

Although, life is full of all the necessities and responsibilities that consume my day before I even open my eyes (I know you know the feeling - parent or not), health and fitness has always been a priority for me.

After the birth of my son, I found little time, and less motivation to go to the gym and my eating habits really suffered (cabinet surfing at 3:00 am because "it's play time" and my stomach agrees = no bueno for the scale).

I had to find something EFFECTIVE that could be done at home, but I didn’t want to be alone in this endeavor. I found a tribe of women just like me who just needed a little support.

I wanted to pay that forward and be able to coach women individually and show them that fitness could be done at home and it could be fun.